In Which @DrJillStein Schools @FoxNews Hucksters

How absolutely refreshing…this from 7 August 2016.

Notable Quotes:

@DrJillStein: ‘[Trump] is calling for the strongest military ever. Right now that military is eating up 50% of our discretionary budget, almost half of your income tax is going to support the military in these wars that have not made us safer, in fact they’re making us less safe…’

@DrJillStein: ‘…Whistle-blowers have always played a really critical role for making sure they keep our government honest and that they are not violating our rights behind closed doors.’

@FoxNews Creep: ‘…and thanks to traitors like Edward Snowden we’ve also lost agents on the battlefield because of giving up their identity of sources and methods.’

@DrJillStein: ‘Not Edward Snowden.’

[@VOXBOX_dot_XYZ note: One can only assume that the FOXNEWZ Creep is making this insinuation as regards Chelsea aka Bradley Manning – a US Army intelligence analyst convicted of Violating the Espionage Act, stealing government property, and other charges, after releasing video and thousands of US government documents to Wikileaks. Many of the video and cable documents exposed atrocities perpetrated by the US military against unarmed civilians, as well as high level corruption by nations involved with the US in the Middle East conflicts.]

@DrJillStein: ‘…you cannot bomb terrorism out of existence. You have to starve it. You have to deprive it of weapons and you have to deprive it of funding. So, unfortuantely, our allies, and arguably the CIA itself, have played a role in providing arms, training, and funding. So we need to freeze the bank accounts…Most of the arms supplied to the Middle East are actually coming from the US and our allies. We just sold $100 billion in arms to the Saudis who can then distribute them to whomever they like. So we can shut down this war because it’s been our weapons that have enabled it to be fought.

@FoxNews Creep: ‘…you support a boycott of Israel. You described the government this way, ‘It’s responsible for’ and I’m quoting, ‘apartheid, assassination, illegal settlements, blockades, building of nuclear bombs, indefinite detention, collective punishment, and defiance of international law.’ [@VOXBOX_dot_XYZ note: All of these accusations are proven facts that have been found to be violations of international law.] My question to you is, do you think Israel is more of an outlaw state than say Cuba is? Which is the more legitimate government? [@VOXBOX_dot_XYZ note: WTF? Where does this question come from? And…so much to say about ‘legitimate government’…so much.]

@DrJillStein: ‘Well let me say this, our policy applies to all countries, and that is when there are flagrant violations of human rights, war crimes, assassinations, and international law, then we need to stop supporting those countries. to stop funding them…In the case of Israel we are providing $8 million a day for an army which is an army of occupation, which is in defiance of international law…’

@FoxNews Creep: ‘…but are you making a moral equivalence between Israel and Cuba where there are gulags and jailings of dissidents? I mean, are you making that moral equation?’ [@VOXBOX_dot_XYZ note: These aren’t examples of ‘moral equivalence’ – they are immoral equivalents. And yes, both states’ crimes are immorally equivalent – one could argue that Israel is guilty of even greater crimes than Cuba.]

@DrJillStein: ‘Well we’re not funding Cuba to the tune of $8 million a day. And that’s what our policy says, is that we need to stop funding and supporting those governments that are in violation of international law.’

@DrJillStein: ‘…politicians don’t have a new form of entitlement, an entitlement to our votes – they have to earn our votes. Right now voters are not happy with either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. In fact they are the most disliked and un-trusted candidates ever…and at the same time the public is clamoring for more voices and more choices. That’s what democracy is supposed to be about and that’s what my campaign provides in this election.’

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