Hillary Lied Bumper Sticker – Consider If You Will

Died and Lied Bumper Sticker

A very impatient driver zipped by, just barely missing the right side of my rear bumper as he sped up from behind me. Apparently he was irked that I slowed ahead of him. Not really alert about why I did so, he was forced to quickly stop at the red light just ahead of both of us. In a glance I saw the bumper sticker shown below stuck on the rear end of this nasty person’s vehicle.

Died and Lied Bumper Sticker

I was struck by a thought.

I pulled up beside the vehicle. It was a very hot day. Both of us had our windows down. The other driver stared ahead so as to ignore any eye contact with me. I looked over and with just a hint of sarcasm lightly shouted over, ‘Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Powell lied and tens of thousands died.’

The man looked over confused at first but he quickly figured out my point. He flashed a condescending grin, raised his hands off the steering wheel, and gave a huge shrug as if to say, ‘oh well.’

When the light changed I knew I could blow his ass away off the line with my zippy little coupe – instead I let him spin his wheels a bit and take off without a challenge. I watched him race alone on his little highway to hell.

For some folks Americans dying and politicians lying only seem to matter when it makes for a good slogan against the other side.

What a world.


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