Commentary: @realDonaldTrump – The Useful Idiot, or, It’s @HillaryClinton By Design

The 2016 United States’ presidential election will go down in history as one of the most contentious, and strange(?), yet in the country’s history. Hopefully, it won’t take too long for the people of the U. S. to realize…they’ve been had.

On its face it seems that this election season was a new awakening for alternative politics, in actuality it was merely a staged grand event. Bernie Sanders’ rise as the man who would take on Wall Street galvanized the youth and working classes who stood by him when he declared, ‘I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!’ Donald Trump galvanized the White population who are basically claiming the same thing. The sad truth is, it was never the intention of the actual ‘powers that be’ that either were to become President of the United States.

There appears to be a few motives behind the rise of these two ‘alternative’ candidates.

  1. Both were used as instruments by the social engineers to test how hot or cold the public are concerning various issues of importance which are vital to each group – how passionate the public are and how easy or difficult it might be to politically mobilize the public.
  2. What are the demographics of each group – age, occupation, race, etc.
  3. Who the individuals and groups are that were in fact mobilized and displayed the most passion and activity.
  4. And, to give the appearance of choice in a two party system which the public are fast realizing offer no genuine choices at all.

While it’s been very clearly revealed through numerous sources how Sanders was neutralized during the primaries by Democrat party rules and an asserted effort by leaders within the party itself,  the Trump story has played out very differently.

In the Republican field there were in fact a few conservative candidates who might have actually done well steering the ship of State. Who they are, and why this might have been so, is outside the scope and intent of this post. What is relevant is that Donald Trump emerged as the Republican candidate over others more qualified, capable, and respectable. These other candidates were neutralized out of the race just as surely as Sanders was. Trump’s brash rhetoric on issues such as illegal immigration, Islamic extremism, the economy, and the decline of U.S. dominance in world trade (and everything else for that matter), triggered the most passionate members of the patriotic White working class who have felt that their interests have been ignored for too long. By presenting himself as being outside of the political ‘elite’ as well as a successful businessman he further broadened his appeal to conservatives who’ve grown disgusted with Washington corruption, liberal dominance in social issues, and economic stagnation.

But Donald Trump has proved himself to be nothing more than a useful idiot.

Those behind the true power in the U.S. knew that the serious flaws in Trump’s character would be his undoing – they knew he was a seriously flawed businessman as well. If any entity knows of Trump’s failures in financial affairs it is the banking industry who have propped him up to the tune of billions of dollars for several decades. If any entity knows of Trump’s seriously flawed sense of morality and decency it is the major media that has afforded him a playground for his ego-maniacal lust for celebrity – they’ve been there when he was both on camera and off. Those who control both the banking industry and the mainstream media had all they needed to expose Trump for who he really is – and they did so meticulously and methodically. It’s been child’s play to play Trump – by doing so Donald Trump’s implosion has all but assured a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Those behind the true power in the U.S., and indeed most of the world, have already determined that it is the time for a Hillary Clinton presidency. She has served them well – by her tireless work in issues involving women and children and education she has been able to deflect attention away from her unswerving support of the globalist agenda determined by her masters – those who conduct their affairs via organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. Contradiction becomes wicked hypocrisy when considering Clinton’s stance on a state the likes of Israel whose record of human rights violations against the Palestinian people, particularly against women and children, go back decades. Contradiction becomes wicked hypocrisy when considering Clinton’s support of sanctions against Iraq which contributed to the deaths of millions, most devastatingly the unnecessary deaths of the most vulnerable – women and children. Contradiction becomes wicked hypocrisy when considering her support of, and her role in, regime change around the world most disturbingly in the deposing of democratically elected officials, i.e. Syria and Libya. The video below shows the disingenuous manner with which she tries to defend her indefensible support of the military coup that brought down the democratically elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya.

There are still a few weeks left until the public head for the voting booths to choose the next president of the United States. In the world of U.S. politics anything can happen in that time, but as it stands, with the revelation of Trump’s salacious misogynistic remarks in the latest scandalous video it doesn’t seem that he’ll be able to overcome the disgust factor that so many decent people feel at this time. And in all decency he shouldn’t. The American people who were mobilized during this campaign season, those who truly desire real change in how the government conducts its business and the affairs of state, should not lose heart and retreat into apathy. Those folks should take heart – both Sanders and Trump supporters – while this election’s moment of awakening was stolen from the people, the people must hold fast to that spirit and mindfully declare, ‘We won’t be fooled again!’

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