Chemtrails…? Condescending Certainty From @PopSci

Condescending certainty…

Just a thought:

With a proven record like this in unethical human experimentation, and the level of it being conducted upon unknowing victims, the U.S. government has shown itself quite capable of such activities. A good number of the documented experiments from the past were ridiculed as ‘tinfoil-hat’ conspiracies at first, but now have become known truths. The levels of sophisticated technology now available to the U.S. government must also be included in the ‘chemtrail conspiracy’ considerations.

Big things can happen now without necessarily big apparatus or large numbers of people situated in the loop.

The Bottom Line:

The use of aerial dispersal of chemical materials over segments of the U.S. by the U.S. government has actual precedent. While one can be persuaded that that government abandoned the now-known unethical human experiments of the past, it is naive to fully believe that newer experiments do not exist. The details of the ‘chemtrail theories’ may perhaps be inaccurate, but to dismiss the possibility altogether – for the reasons often given – is simply cretinous.

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